Masonic anniversaries

Masonic anniversaries

November 9th 2015 – Masonic anniversaries

At the common Ritual Work of several Belgrade Lodges, which held place in the Temple “Poseidon”, the significant dates for Serbian Freemasonry were marked. The Lodge “Sveti Sava” (“Saint Sava”) celebrated 17th anniversary, Lodge “Đorđe Vajfert” celebrated exactly 20 years of its successful Work, the Lodge “Mudrost” celebrated 9th anniversary of spreading the Light in Serbia and Europe. The Work was led by Brother B.B, Worshipful Master of the Lodge “Sveti Sava”. Solemnity was honored by the presence of the Brothers from the Lodge “Dositej”, “Svetlost Balkana”, and “Pobratim”.

First, the Brother B.B. presented the history of the Lodge “Sveti Sava”, with special avenge to the work of two Brothers who were the members of this Lodge: former Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of Serbia, Brother Dragan Malešević – Tapi, and Brother Branko Medojević, a former Grand Master of the Grand National Lodge of Serbia, who passed to the Eternal East in 2013. Brother B.B. particularly stressed the merits of previous Worshipful Master, Brother O.N.DM_Tapi

Then the representatives of the other two Lodges in the emotional way presented chronological details and memories on the establishment of their Lodges. In addition to biographical information about Georg Weifert, former Grand Master, Grand Commander and bard of Serbian Freemasonry, Brother M.T.  presented the history of the Lodge, which was supplemented by Brother N.B.A, one of the founders of the Lodge “Đorđe Vajfert”. Brother V.K, Worshipful Master of the Lodge “Mudrost”, presented the history of his Lodge and read the Instruction on the topic “Elite”. The initiation of three Candidates held place on the same Work, one from each of celebratory Lodges, complementing the whole celebration in the very best way – the Fraternal Chain is strengthened by three new links.

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