Temples of the Grand Lodge of Serbia

The Belgrade Temple

Temple “Poseidon” is the most famous Serbian Masonic Temple, in which many major Serbian and international Freemasonic manifestations were held.

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Positioned near the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers, in a representative pre-war building, this Temple has all conditions for the smooth and discreet Masonic work.

Within the building, there is a restaurant, used as proper place for Agapes and other informal Masonic meetings.

All Belgrade Lodges, and all the bodies of the Grand Lodge of Serbia are using this Temple, as well as the Supreme Council of Serbia (VSS). It is also being used by some of the Belgrade Lodges working under the protection of the Grand Orient of France, and female and mixed Masonic Lodges.

The capacity of the temple is 80 people.

Grand Temple in Belgrade

Grand Temple is used on special occasions, when there is a need to organize a Masonic works and events for large numbers of Brothers, which are often the occasions of the International Masonic meetings.

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In these occasions, as part of the Grand Temple, there are conference and round tables, media pool, reception office and cocktail lounge. Capacity of the Grand Temple is up to 300 people.

The Novi Sad Temple

In a quiet part of Novi Sad, in the house for which outsiders could never assume that it is a venue for Masonic rituals, there is a Temple in which the Lodge “Dositej” regularly holds its works, and occasionally other Lodges, authorities and bodies of the Grand Lodge of Serbia. The capacity of the temple is 50 people.

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The Prijepolje Temples

The first, and so far the only Masonic Temple in this part of Serbia, is located in one of the most beautiful buildings in this town.

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Пријатна и мистична атмосфера доприноси посебном доживљају, тако да Слободни Зидари из других градова дуго након одржавања масонских радова у овом Храму препричавају и анализирају утиске. Капацитет Храма је до 40 особа.

За мање радове (до 20 особа) Браћа из Пријепоља користе “Мали Храм” који се налази у приватном објекту у власништву једног од оснивача Ложе “Светлост Балкана”.

Pleasant and mystical atmosphere brings emphasize to the experience, so that the Freemasons from other cities recount and analyze impressions for long time after the works in this Masonic Temple. The capacity of the temple is 40 people.

For smaller works (up to 20 people), Brothers from Prijepolje use “Small Temple”, located in a private facility, owned by one of the founders of the Lodge “Svetlost Balkana”.

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