Representatives of the Grand Lodge of Serbia (GLS), Grand Chancellor, MH Bro. V. R. and Grand Orator, MH Bro. E. M, at the city of Chandigarh, India, on the 19th and 21st day of January 6020, attended a celebration of the Silver Jubilee 25 years since the founding of the Grand Lodge of Upper India (GLUI). The celebration was also attended by guests from the Grand Lodge of South India (GLSI), who, with GLUI, work together and function jointly as the United Grand Lodge of India (UGLI).


There were also present the following guests from Europe:

  • MH Bro. M. S. – Representative of UGLI in Europe and Grand Chancellor of the Grand Lodge of Hungary of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite,
  • VI Bro. P. D. – Member of the Grand Lodge of France,
  • MW Bro. O. de W. – Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Belgium,
  • MW Bro. M. M. – Grand Master of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Austria, and
  • MH Bro. H. W. – Grand Chancellor of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Austria.


At the Ritual Work, held on the 19th day of January 6020, Brоthеrs: MW Bro. col. S. S. D. – Grand Master of GLUI, MW Bro. R. K. – Grand Master of GLSI, MH Bro. dr. P. S. Е. – President of the Grand Council of the UGLI, and MH Bro. P. F. – Grand Secretary General of UGLI, informed the attendees in detail about all activities in the previous period and further work plans.

At the ceremonial Ritual Work, held on the exact 25th anniversary date of the founding of the GLUI, on the 21st day of January 6020, memories of significant events in the past 25 years of their Masonic work were awakened. On this occasion, awards were given to three Brothers for 40 and three Brothers for 25 years of Freemasonry (Long Term Service Jewels).

GLS (MH Bro. V. R.) and UGLI (MH Bro. dr. P. S. E. and MH Bro. P. F.), have signed the Treaty of Amity, Mutual Recognition and Inter-visitation.

The Indian Brothers were exceptional hosts. A two-member GLS delegation was accommodated and hosted in the home of the previous Grand Master of GLUI, MW Bro. R. M, in which she most directly experienced the way of living a life in India.

The GLS delegation and other delegations from Europe have experienced a tour around the Chandigarh and a visit to the surrounding cities, all lead by the hosts:

  • Shimla and Kurfi – on the slopes of the Himalayas, at 2300 and 2750 meters above sea level,
  • Armitsar – with the most significant Sikhshrine, the Golden Temple, and
  • Attari – on the border with Pakistan.


In Attari, at the border of India and Pakistan, the hosts and guests attended a particularly interesting event – the ceremony of the opening of a special border crossing, the lowering of the Indian and Pakistan flags and the closing of the border crossing.

Brothers from the GLSI introduced the GLS delegation to the idea of completing the 25th anniversary of Masonic work under the auspices of UGLI with another cycle, but in South India, in the city of Coimbatore. In order for this gathering to be attended by as many delegations as possible outside India, the GLSI will probably organize it in May 2021, which the GLS will be notified in due time by the GLSI.

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