At the 11th day of month of March 6018. Year of True Light, starting at 11 AM, another work of the Grand Lodge of Serbia has been held. Although it has became popular that many events are called as historical, this Ritual Work INDEED was historical! For the first time since the awakening of the Freemasonry in Serbia, invitation to the Ritual Work did not contain the prefix for venue such as temporary Temple. This time the Ritual Work has been held in the TEMPLE OF THE GRAND LODGE OF SERBIA!!! After nearly three decades of the usage of various rented venues, business premises, hotels and restaurants, Brethren of the Grand Lodge of Serbia, together with the Brethren of the Supreme Council of Serbia, have managed to build their OWN HOME. The Permanent Temple!

In order for a place to become Sacred and to be called the Temple, it is necessary to consecrate it. On this occasion, in accordance with the Ritual of the Scottish Rite Ancient and Accepted, the Brethren of the Supreme Council of Serbia have consecrated it. After that, the Very Puissant Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of Serbia, Br. N.A. has handed the hammer to the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Serbia, Br. Z.K. and the Ritual Work was continued to be lead by the Grand Lodge of Serbia. The Permanent Temple has been consecrated, and the Ritual Works in this semester have been opened!

The Ritual Work has been attended by about 60 Brothers, representatives of all the Honorable Lodges who work under the protection of the Grand Lodge of Serbia. The Work has passed in harmony, full of joy, and a part of the atmosphere can be seen in photographs from the Ritual Work. Br. N.A. has thanked all the Brothers who have given an unselfish contribution to the construction of this beautiful Temple, which appears like it would be the center of the gathering of the Brothers and Sisters even from other Serbia Freemasonic Obediences. So, the center of the Serbian Freemasonry – in the center of the Serbian capital, in Kraljice Natalije street! It should be noted that the complete renovation and arrangement has lasted exactly 50 days, which shows the dedication and great enthusiasm of the Brethren who participated in this construction.

After the Ritual Work, the Brothers have continued the gathering around Agape in the Temple’s club, which is an integral part of the Temple and makes the Temple as a complete freemasonic complex. The idea is that the beautiful Temple’s club become the place of gathering of Brothers even out of Ritual Works schedules, and that soon it gets a freemasonic gallery and a library as its integral part.

As in the profane life, the same in the Freemasonic Work, only one who has been a tenant for decades could know what has meant to have its “roof over the head. Dear Brothers, let this to be HAPPY AND PERFECTLY WEALTHY to all of us!

Glory to the Building! Glory to the Work!

And, of course, U.T.O.S.A.G.A.I.

I have said!

Br. I. P.

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