Lodge No SL.001 – “Pobratim” – “Twinned Brother” (Оr. Belgrade)

The rise of Serbian Freemasonry is linked to the establishment of the Lodge “Pobratim” (“Twinned Brother”). Since the introduction of Lights into that Lodge in 1891, all until 1940, the members of this Lodge had significantly contributed that the Yugoslav and Serbian Masonry becomes an important link of the international Fraternal Chain of Freemasons. The names of Georg Weifert, Sreten Stojković, Stevan Mokranjac, Jovan Aleksijević, Stanislav Binički, Stevan Sremac, Đoka Milovanović, Petar Ubavkić, Laza Paču, … are inscribed with the golden letters in the history of the Serbian Freemasonry. The Lodge is awakened in 1989, and has been the largest, the most influential, and the most powerful Serbian Lodge for long time, with about 150 members. In one or another way, the Lodge had participated in the establishment of almost all currently active lodges in Serbia. In accordance with its motto “The Brother is dear, whichever religion he comes from”, the Lodge “Pobratim” always specially emphasizes development and respect of religious and ethnic tolerance.

vajfert5995Lodge No SL.002 – “Đorđe Vajfert” – “Georg Weifert” (Оr. Belgrade)

Brothers bankers, traders, entrepreneurs, and businessmen, former members of the Lodge “Twinned Brother”, had established the Lodge “Đorđe Vajfert” (“Georg Weifert”) in 1995, with the intention to form a Lodge which would primarily gather businessmen, for the first time in Serbia. Since the spirit of Freemasonry exceeds all environmental frameworks and dogma, the Lodge “Đorđe Vajfert” is slowly becoming a construction site for the Brothers of different professions and interests. Lead by Decree of the Supreme Council of Serbia from June 13th 2015, and being registered in the Serbian Register of Associations, the Lodge begun its independent building under the name “Đorđe Vajfert 5995”. Shortly after that date, the Lodge had entered the Masonic Alliance with other regular and complete Masonic Lodges, and continued its work under the protection of the Grand Lodge of Serbia. Currently, Lodge consists of Brothers of different professions, among which there are the most entrepreneurs, but also the lawyers, journalists, civil servants, artisans… Among the members of the Lodge “Đorđe Vajfert”, there are several Luftons (sons of Freemasons). Among other things, the Lodge operates around charitable, research and information work, and takes special care about the issues of deciphering the symbolism of Freemasonry, as well as the inheritance of high moral values, ​​which the greatest symbol is famous Georg Weifert, whose name the Lodge wears with pride and reverence.

Lodge No SL.003 – “Sveti Sava” – “St. Sava” (Оr. Belgrade)

Masonic Lodge “Sveti Sava” (“Saint Sava”) is one of the oldest and the most important Masonic Lodges in post-war history of Serbian Freemasonry. The name of the famous painter Dragan Malešević – Tapi, Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of Serbia, is linked to its foundation, since he along with six other Brothers established the Lodge in 1998. The Brothers of the Lodge “Sveti Sava” never insisted on mass membership, but its contribution earned the epithet of one of the most important links of the Serbian Masonic chain. Important historical events have not left the Lodge “Sveti Sava” aside. It was always found in the center of all happenings in the Grand Lodge and around it. After the death of Dragan Malešević – Tapi, the Lodge “Sveti Sava” found itself in the focus of serious earthquakes in Serbian Masonry, because of which it was auto-suspended at 2006. It was awakened five years later, with the enthusiasm and initiative of several Brothers, led by Brother O\N\ and the Grand Master Branko Medojević, who was also a member of this Lodge. After the death of the Grand Master in 2013, again there had been a division, but the Lodge remained under the auspices of the Supreme Council of Serbia and the Grand Lodge of Serbia, respecting the work initiated by Dragan Malešević – Tapi, Dragan Martinović, and Branko Medojević.

dositejLodge No SL.004 – “Dositej” (Оr. Novi Sad)

Lodge “Dositej” was established in 2001, in the Orient Novi Sad. It continues the tradition of the Serbian Masonic Lodge “Dositej Obradović”, which worked in the Orient Belgrade in the period from 1922 to 1940. The members of the Lodge “Dositej” from that time, there were Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić, professors and historians Dr Vladimir Ćorović and Dr Viktor Novak, composer Mihailo Vukdragović, writer Niko Bartulović, actor Rasa Plaović, and others. The contemporary Lodge “Dositej” was founded at December 16th 2001, and in its membership are Brothers not only from the “Serbian Athens”, but also from many other towns in Vojvodina. Inspired by the educational work of Dositej Obradović, and guided by the motto of the Lodge “Walking, looks into the future centuries”, the members of this Lodge in their construction work especially emphases the spiritual development and promotion of tolerance and Love in the Fraternal Chain.

svbalkanaLOGOfont.cdrLodge No SL.005 – “Svetlost Balkana” – “Light of the Balkans” (Оr. Prijepolje)

The Lodge Balkana” (“Light of the Balkans”) was established in 1876 in Belgrade. As a regular Lodge, it began to spread the Light in Serbia from April 4th 1877, under the protection of the Grand Orient of Italy. Many years later, at the beginning of the 21st century, in 2001, the members of the lodge “Twinned Brother”, had decided to wake up this Lodge, and had transferred its works to the Orient Prijepolje. By the act of introducing the Light, this Atelier became the first Masonic Lodge in southwest Serbia. Over the last 15 years, the members of the Lodge “Svetlost Balkana” performed many important functions in Serbian Masonic Fraternal Chain, proving that the Masons from the towns, guided by Love for the Truth, can equally influence the development of Serbian Freemasonry.

Lodge No SL.006 – “Mudrost” – “Wisdom” (Оr. Belgrade)

Since its establishment in 2006 until nowadays, the Lodge “Mudrost” (“Wisdom”) has always been one of the biggest Serbian Lodges. In some occasions, it numbered up to 100 members. Thus, in accordance with the Masonic tradition, it arose out several Lodges and Wreaths. Even the youngest of the Grand Lodge of Serbia, the Lodge “Mudrost” has given two Grand Masters, passed Borther Branko Medojević, and the current Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Serbia, Brother Zoran Knežević. The Lodge “Mudrost” was established at May 30th 2006. It was founded by nine Brothers from the Lodge “Istina” (“Truth”), “Pobratim” (“Twinned Brother”), “Sveti Sava” (“St. Sava”), and “Đorđe Vajfert” (“Georg Weifert”). The Light is introduced at November 3rd 2006. The ceremony was led by the Grand Master Brother Dragan Martinović (nowadays, the Honorary Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Serbia), in addition to a number of Brothers from Serbia, attended by representatives of the Grand Lodge of France and Grand National Lodge of Romania, as well as a large number of Brothers from Slovenia. At the same solemn ritual work, the Light was introduced to the Lodge “Dragan Malešević – Tapi”. The special quality to the work of the Lodge “Mudrost” gives its developed international cooperation with a number of Lodges from Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia… The Lodge “Mudrost” is well recognized and appreciated in the Masonic world. From its ranks comes Brother M\K\, former General Secretary of the International Confederation of the United Grand Lodges (ICUGL), which managed this important duty until 2014.

Lodge No SL.008 – “Feniks” – “Phoenix” (Оr. Belgrade)

Brothers of the Lodge “Phoenix” (Feniks) gathered in 2019 with an idea, proclaiming Truth and Freedom as the ultimate values of the society, to take an active part in the spiritual renewal of the people and the fatherland. Brotherhood of the Lodge “Phoenix” strives in its endeavours, led by Wisdom, Power and Beauty, to separate dark paths from the paths of light and the future, as well as to be the cornerstone and the pillar of development of the national knighthood, rooted in ancient knowledge, tradition and values achieved by great sacrifices of our ancestors during last seven and a half millennia of existence. In the times which deliberately abolish traditional ideas and values, Brotherhood of the Lodge “Phoenix” with its spiritual work aimed at strengthening the efforts of all conscious human beings, as gathered by the pillar of light, to secure the fulfilment of the future of Truth, Freedom and Dignity of each worthy individual. In short, all are aligned with God’s will and nothing more than that. But also, nothing less.

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